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The Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome: Clinical Features Signs and Symptoms

Furthermore, because all four of the patients with UARS had > 30 flow-limited events/h (a flow-limited breathing event consisted of two or more consecutive, flow-limited breaths), they could be separated from the asymptomatic subjects in the analysis. This is a promising noninvasive way to diagnose UARS. Further study is warranted, however, because of the small number of patients and because one of them had breaths with flattened flow contours as a result of a flattened driving pressure contour (as assessed by Pes), rather than as a result of IUAR.
Therefore, caution must be used in interpreting either quantitative flow data or driving pressure Pes data alone. Because they rely on changes in temperature as a surrogate of airflow, thermistors or thermocouples correlate poorly with quantitative flow measurements, resulting in an erroneous assessment of IUAR. ventolin inhaler
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