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New Treatments for Bursitis

BursitisWhen inflammation of a bursa is superficial, such as of the shoulder, knee, elbow, or Achilles tendon, the diagnosis of bursitis is easily accomplished. Deep bursae, such as those around the hip joint and the ischial tuberosity, do not present with obvious swelling; a diagnosis must be inferred from local tenderness and exacerbation of pain by activation of the associated muscles. In difficult cases, the temporary elimination of pain after the local instillation of an anesthetic is a useful diagnostic tool. Bursitis seldom shows up on plain radiographs, and expensive imaging studies are not routinely advocated. If possible, one should aspirate the bursa because the finding of synovial fluid helps confirm the diagnosis of bursitis. If the fluid is not clear (as is the case in most instances of “irritated” bursitis), it should be sent for culture and examined for the presence of crystals. Read the rest of this entry »


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