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Time-Course of the Uterine Response to Estradiol: DISCUSSION(5)

It also is clear from the present data that microvascular growth cannot account for the early and substantial increase in uterine blood flow that occurs within 30-60 min after estrogen treatment in ovariectomized mammals and that is probably due exclusively to vasodilation of the uterine vascular bed. Nevertheless, the sustained increase in uterine blood flow that occurs throughout pregnancy is probably due primarily to growth of the entire uterine vascular bed, including the uterine arteries. In addition, a portion of the angiogenic response of the uterus, including the up-regulation of endometrial angiogenic factor expression, may be caused by the early increase in uterine blood flow, since sheer-stress resulting from increased flow has been shown to induce angiogenesis in a variety of tissues. buy flovent inhaler

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