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About generic Claritin.


Generic Claritin belongs to a group of antihistaminic medicines. The medicine is often prescribed to cure sneezing, stuffiness, runny nose and watering or itching eyes as a result of hay fever. Claritin can be taken for treatment of various signs of chronic hives. For example, the medicine can cure red, itchy or swollen areas of skin. Medical specialists put generic Claritin to a group of antihistamines with a long-term effect. Histamine is a natural hormone that is considered to be a causative agent of different symptoms of an allergy. It doesn’t make your eyes itch or your nose run, but it stimulates some of the allergy-producing factors, such as swelling of tissues. This chemical is produced by mast cells and impacts the receptors of histamine-susceptive cells. The impact results in active release of other chemicals that can stimulate allergic symptoms. Read the rest of this entry »


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