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Stendra contains 50 mg of an active component – Avanafil. It is the minimum dosage of preparation but it is rather effective. The preparation fixes problems of erectile function violation of any character. It is not important by what it has been caused:

  • stress;
  • fatigue;
  • illness;
  • overstrain.

Stendra will help anyway. You will feel confident in the forces, receive a powerful erection, new bright feelings and rather long sexual intercourse.
Stendra acts by the same principle, as well as similar preparations for improvement of erectile function, promotes expansion of vessels and strengthening of blood supply of carvenous body, and under the influence of intimate caress there comes the qualitative and natural erection.

During time, a new advanced formula of an active component allows to keep an erection longer than usual, in a consequence of what duration of sexual contact increases. You may order Stendra using the online service – My Canadian Pharmacy.

Avanafil is included into group of preparations of PDE5 inhibitors and works by analogy of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Unlike the fellows Avanafil is rather effective and has very low interest of side effects emergence. Moreover, Avanafil is suitable even for the men having diabetes, in this case the maximum dosage for about days makes 50 mg.


How to Take Stendra

One tablet contains 50 mg of Avanafil. The minimum daily dosage makes 1 tablet of 50 mg. It is better to begin an initial dosage of preparation with 50 mg, then it is possible to take 2 pill of 50 mg at a time. The optimum dosage of preparation makes 100 mg a day. The maximum dosage – 200 mg.
To take a pill is necessary in 15-20 minutes prior to estimated intimate proximity. Moderate alcohol intake and high-calorific food is allowed. Action of preparation remains from four to six hours. Read more facts about Stendra on My Canadian Pharmacy moreover you may place an order for this drugs via our online service.

Side Effects of Stendra

Stendra’s advantage is that side effects arise extremely seldom. Stendra usually absorbs very well. If side effects after all have appeared, then it can be:

  • slight dizziness,
  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • nose congestion,
  • lowering of arterial pressure,
  • back pain.

As a rule, side effects can arise because of considerable alcohol intake (more than three glasses of wine) or because of the available chronic diseases.


Stendra is intended only for men! Avanafil’s reception is contraindicated to women and persons before 18 years. Also reception of preparation isn’t recommended to the people having leukemia, pressure jumps, epilepsy, to the people who have recently had stroke or heart attack for the last year, people having serious diseases of internals or in the period of a disease exacerbation.

Simultaneous reception of Stendra with nitrates, with preparations of CYP3A4 inhibitors, and also with other preparations of group of PDE-5 inhibitors, such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis whose joint action isn’t studied yet are contraindicated as well.

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