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Propecia. Specificity

Propecia is medical preparation for treatment of the male pattern baldness. Some years of investigation and use of preparation it turns out more than one million patients show that Propecia is intended for a long-term use, it is effective and safe in treatment of male pattern baldness, irrespective of national identity.

Active ingredient is finasteride, enzyme antagonism turning testosterone into its active form – dihydrotestosterone. Finasteride is applied since 1992 in urological practice as treatment of good-quality prostatic hyperplasia. In 1998 efficiency of small doses of the same substance (1 mg/days) concerning growth of hair was proved. This preparation is available on My Canadian Pharmacy.

Therapeutic Indications and Counterindications

It is necessary to take preparation regularly, every day – 1 tablet, washing down with water, irrespective of meal, but not on an empty stomach. Strictly on doctor’s orders the dose of preparation can be changed depending on clinical situation. If time of intake was unintentionally passed, the increase in dose at the following intake isn’t recommended.

Contraindications to preparation application for male are practically not present. Nevertheless, before application consultation with the attending physician is necessary. The preparation isn’t effective at the women having baldness at all. Moreover, its application during pregnancy can become the reason of development of fetus’s congenital defects.

But man may actively use this preparation to avoid baldness. The preparation is very popular to be ordered via My Canadian Pharmacy.

Possible Side Effects

At the correct intake, that is without excess of standard daily dosages, side effects practically don’t meet and are temporary. Extremely seldom there can be observe such states harmless for male health, such as decrease in sexual inclination, reversible erectile dysfunction, reduction of sperm amount. It is necessary to consider that at Propecia intake blood test on identification of the prostate specific antigen can yield false positive result. Therefore at any inspection of urinogenital system functions, in order to avoid statement of the false diagnosis, it is necessary to inform the attending physician of this preparation reception.

Nowadays there are so many preparations effective in treatment for different disorders as well. But male pattern baldness reaches men frequently but it may be treated with the help of Propecia ordered via My Canadian Pharmacy.

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