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pharmacyThere are various interesting facts about medicine and pharmacy. My Canadian Pharmacy (mymedstorecanada) makes up its mind to tell you some interesting facts concerning medicine. Medicine is a science directed to treat people from various diseases. There are different operations conducted during treatment. Let’s grapple with some facts which attract our attention.

    1. In 1980 the most high temperature of body was defined. In Atlanta, the State of Washington, at the inhabitant Willy Jones at receipt in clinic body temperature made 46,5 degrees!!! But, fortunately, everything managed, and in 24 days it was written out.
    2. And on February 23, 1994 physicians faced one more anomaly: the 2-year-old inhabitant of Canada Carly Kozolofski had record-breaking low body temperature. It made only 14,2 degrees. All the matter is that the house door where this child lived, was incidentally closed, and he spent the whole 2 hours on 22-degree frost.

  1. Here one more shocking fact: from stomach of the 42-year-old woman there were withdrawn 2533 foreign objects. Only 947 pieces of safety pins were revealed. However this woman had complaints only to not especially severe stomach pain.
  2. The greatest weight of the object taken from human stomach was 2,35 kilograms. It was the lump of hair. Actually there is an illness at which the person eats hair, and it is called trichophagy.
  3. The resident of Zimbabwe took the most large amount of medicines. He consumed 565 939 tablets for 21 year of treatment. Some of pills were ordered via My Canadian Pharmacy.
  4. Samuel Davidson, the resident of Great Britain, was made the most large amount of injections. This person took 78 900 insulin injections for all the life.
  5. And here to whom actually you won’t envy, so to the resident of the USA Charles Jensen. From 1954 to 1994 he underwent 970 operations during which it was deleted new growths.
  6. Norwegian Jan Revsdal endured the longest cardiac arrest. In December on fishing it fell overboard, and body temperature fell to 24 degrees, heart didn’t sustain and stopped at the whole 4 o’clock. However after connection to the blood circulation device the situation was changed considerably and he survived.
  7. The racer David Pearly endured the heaviest overloads in the world. In 1977 during races there was an accident. On a piece of way only 66 cm long the racer passed with a speed from 176 to 0 km/h. Found 29 various changes and 3 dislocations in it. And his heart didn’t maintain and 6 times stopped.

These are the most interesting histories concerning medical science. If you prefer to be in touch with it you may easily get to know new medical information on our website.


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