Calcium-Dependent Actin Filament: RESULTS(2)

In fetal testes, using antiserum #6, scinderin was localized in arrays of minute stained spots aligned along the subsurface of the Sertoli cells’ plasma membranes regardless of whether the membranes were facing adjacent Sertoli cells or gonocytes (Fig. 2c). In the adult, scinderin was detected in both germ cells and Sertoli cells (Fig. 2, d-h). In germ cells, the protein was located in a region corresponding with the subacrosomal space in the developing round spermatids (Fig. 2d) and with the remodeling acro-some in the elongated spermatids (Fig. 2, d-g).

In Sertoli cells, immunoreactivity was found all along the subsurface of the cells (Fig. 2, d, g, and h). Within the cytoplasm, deposits of scinderin-positive material were more frequent near the base of the Sertoli cells in stages of the cycle of the seminiferous epithelium that preceded the release of elongated spermatids and/or the tight junction disassembly accompanying the translocation of the spermatocytes into the luminal compartment of the seminiferous epithelium (compare Fig. 2g with Fig. 2h). The distribution of scinderin revealed with scinderin antiserum #7 labeling was identical to that we recorded using scinderin antiserum #6 (Figs. 2-4).

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