Timing of Mating, Sperm Dynamics: DISCUSSION(5)


Much has been made of laboratory studies showing that female Antechinus have the ability to store spermatozoa for extended periods (up to 2 wk) in the lower isthmus of the oviduct prior to ovulation. It was interesting to note, therefore, that the peak in the number of mated females caught (55%) and the ovulation date for 67% of all ovulated females sampled from the Powelltown population occurred at the same time (Day 14/15 of the rut, 1920 August) and corresponded exactly with the only occasion during the rut when the female trapping rate peaked and exceeded that of the males. buy ventolin inhalers

A significant proportion of spermatozoa in the female reproductive tract of most of these females were located in the lateral vagina and uterus. Since sperm transit times through this portion of the female reproductive tract to the lower oviduct are relatively rapid, i.e., between 2 h and 2 days, most matings probably occurred < 2 days prior to ovulation. Hence, the duration of sperm storage in most female Antechinus at Pow-elltown during the 1996 breeding season was probably relatively short, with mating occurring close to ovulation.


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