Timing of Mating, Sperm Dynamics: DISCUSSION(4)

In captivity, females will usually mate a number of times during estrus. Captive females that have mated twice to completion typically have between 40 and 75 X 103 spermatozoa per side. In the reproductive tracts of 8 of the 11 mated females (—73%) caught in this study, less than 30 X 103 spermatozoa per side were recovered, suggesting that these females had mated only once prior to capture. Of these, 4 females had 10 X 103 or fewer spermatozoa per side, suggesting that they may not have been fully receptive when mating occurred, resulting in an early dismount, or else that mating had been interrupted. Three females, however, had between 45 and 75 X 103 spermatozoa per side, suggesting from captive studies that they had mated more than once prior to capture. buy cipro

There is currently no information on the capacity of the isthmic crypts in the agile Antechinus; hence it is impossible to determine whether these latter females had been mated twice, or more than twice. Multiple mating in wild populations of this species has been proposed by Scott and Tan, although problems with radioactive label contamination in their study prevent any accurate conclusion as to its nature or extent.

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