Timing of Mating, Sperm Dynamics, and Ovulation in a Wild Population of Agile Antechinus (Marsupialia: Dasyuridae)(2)

On a more positive note, however, captive studies have revealed that after successful copulation, females can store spermatozoa in the lower isthmus of the oviduct for up to 2 wk in specialized sperm storage crypts prior to ovulation. Multiple paternity has also been demonstrated within litters in captivity, indicating that successful storage of spermatozoa from more than one male is possible. In the wild, a lek mating system has been proposed for this species in which males congregate on mating arenas (or leks) that females visit for the express purpose ofmating. Cheap Diskus Advair

In this study we examined the timing of mating and its relationship to ovulation in wild populations of agile Antechinus. The number and distribution of sperm stored in wild-caught females across the mating period and in males at the conclusion of mating were also determined. These data were then compared with existing information from captive studies on mating behavior and sperm dynamics in male and female reproductive tracts in order to ascertain the validity of direct comparisons between captive and field-based mating studies in this species.

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