Rat Oocytes Fertilized in Modified Rat 1-Cell Embryo: MATERIALS AND METHODS(4)


The embryos were picked up with a mouth-controlled pipette with a curved tip 150-200 ^m in diameter The tip of the pipette was inserted into an opening made previously by inserting a 26-gauge needle through the uterine wall at the oviductal side, and embryos were transferred into each uterine horn. After transfer, the vaginal smears of the recipients were examined daily. Cyclicity was considered to have been reestablished when the day of proestrus was identified in the recipients by examination of vaginal smears. These nonpregnant recipients were immediately killed and examined for implantation sites.

Experiment 1

To determine the effect of BSA in mR1ECM on sperm penetration, cumulus-oocyte complexes were cocultured with spermatozoa in mKRB, mKRB-PVA, mR1ECM, and mR1ECM-BSA for 10 h. Buy Advair Diskus Online

Experiment 2

To determine the effect of phosphate, sodium lactate, and osmolarity in mR1ECM-BSA on sperm penetration, the concentration of KH2PO4 (0 mM) or sodium lactate (10 mM) or the osmolarity (246 mOsm) in mR1ECM-BSA was adjusted to that of mKRB (1.19 mM KH2PO4, 21.58 mM sodium lactate, and 310 mOsm), respectively. The osmo-larity of mR1ECM was adjusted by increasing NaCl concentration (from 76.7 mM to 106.7 mM).

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