Uterine Environment and Breed: DISCUSSION(1)

In this study we investigated the development of the fetal erythropoietic system in late embryonic and early fetal swine, and compared hematological measures and cultured liver protein secretion in fetuses from pigs of different breeds (WC and MS) and uterine environments (WC INT and UHO). Fetal weight, fetal liver weight, placental weight, fetal blood cell numbers, fetal hematocrit, and fetal hemoglobin concentrations all increased with day of gestation, as did the total percentage of circulating erythrocytes. Our data strongly indicate that the fetal erythropoietic system is functioning at this period of gestation in the pig and is maturing rapidly during a time period that is critical for survival in a crowded uterine environment. buy levaquin online

Fetal weight data (Table 2) in this study agree with previous data indicating that WC fetuses were heavier than MS fetuses on Day 30. No significant treatment effects were observed for placental weight (Table 2), although in another study WC pigs had higher placental weights than did MS. This is most likely due to the smaller number of gilts used in the current study. Interestingly, covariate analysis revealed that MS had relatively larger placentas than WC when adjusted for fetal weight.

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