The Toronto experience: RESULTS(3)

Neuropsychological test performance

Table 4 presents the neuropsychological and achievement test results. Regarding intelligence, children in the ARND group obtained lower Verbal IQ, Performance IQ and Full Scale IQ scores on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 3rd edition (WISC-III) than the comparison group . However, when covarying out the parent IQ, the effect was significant only for Verbal IQ. Among children in the ARND group, there was a 10-point split favouring Performance over Verbal IQ, whereas the split was only three points in the non-ARND group. ventolin inhalers

On indexes of intelligence , the ARND group obtained lower Verbal Comprehension, Freedom from Distractibility and Processing Speed scores than non-ARND, while only Verbal Comprehension was significant nce parent intelligence was considered as a covariate. For the 15 younger children who were tested at four to five years of age with the McCarthy scales, a similar trend was seen, reflecting a difference on the verbal scale only. These findings suggest that weaker verbal abilities are a defining characteristic of the ARND group for both the preschool and school-aged children.


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