The Toronto experience in diagnosing alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder: A unique profile of deficits and assets(3)

A unique profile of deficits and assets(3)

The primary goal of this paper is to describe the diagnostic criteria for characterizing the neuropsychological profile in children with ARND. A supplementary goal is to identify the measures that most strongly differentiate between the ARND and non-ARND groups. In future studies, we plan to refine our diagnostic checklist and procedures, and to validate our diagnostic model in children with known alcohol exposure who do not have evidence of FAS. buy ampicillin

This paper summarizes our initial efforts in specifying the ARND profile in our client population. The following three questions will be addressed in particular:

1. Do children who meet the diagnostic criteria for ARND differ demographically and clinically from those who do not?

2. Which tests most sensitively differentiate children classified with ARND from those who are not classified among our clinic-referred sample of children?

3. To what extent are our findings consistent with previous studies?

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Tags: Alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder, Diagnostic criteria, Fetal alcohol syndrome, Neuropsychological profile

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