Xopenex for asthma is equal to Albuterol.


Xopenex is an asthma medication that is included into the list of fast-acting symptoms relievers. If you constantly experience such phenomena as coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing and chest tightness, this remedy will be suitable for you as it works by influencing the muscles around the lungs to get tight and narrow muscles more relaxed and wide. As the result, the bronchospasm is eliminated and the patient can breathe easily.
Xopenex for asthma is a medicament for inhalation available in two variations: in the form of aerosol and nebulizer. Both of these drug formations deliver the active component quickly directly to the lungs and the remedy begins to work in several minutes.
Xopenex inhalers and nebulizers contain Levalbuterol, an active ingredient that affects the smooth muscles around the lungs.
It is difficult to say, whether Xopenex for asthma is more efficient than Albuterol, the older variant of the asthmatic medication. While testing Xopenex (to be more exact, levalbuterol) it was found that S-Albuterol, an inactive component of Levalbuterol, may cause inflammation. This could worsen asthma symptoms. But earlier surveys showed that Xopenex is more preferable medication for treatment asthma as a lower dose of Xopenex is required to stop an asthmatic fir and relieve its symptoms.
Although Xopenex is represented by the active half of Albuterol chemical combination, only 25 percent of the Albuterol dose could achieve the highest results when Xopenex was taken.
As for recent researches, they show that Xopenex for asthma is as efficient as Albuterol while using it and the dosage, required to get the same result is equal to expected one – approximately half of Albuterol dose. It is not the reason to think that the number of side effects that Xopenex for Asthma can have, should be divided into two. Not a sausage. Although earlier surveys showed that due to necessity to take a lower dose Xopenex fewer side effects may occur, it is a mistake. The results were disproved by the recent studies that showed that both Albuterol and Xopenex for asthma have equal quantity of side effects. As a rule, the most common of them are: viral infections, a runny or irritated nose, coughing, shakiness, nervousness. If the remedy is taken for treatment of asthma symptoms in children between 6 and 11, frequently diarrhea, headaches, a sore throat, a running nose, fever, various viral infections, a rash or worsened asthma symptoms may occur.
Anyway, before you decide to buy and take Xopenex for treatment asthma, it is obligatory to visit a doctor. Ask him about all the contraindications and side effects and discuss what exactly would be better for your personal asthma. Of course, the only person to decide is your doctor and you should follow his advice precisely to treat asthma symptoms successfully.

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