Suction electrode in frog heart ventricle: ANIMALS AND METHODS (part 4)


Local dilation of myocardium in the suction capillary: Ventricular muscle tissue in control areas and areas under the suction electrode were analyzed to ascertain the extent of dilation during suction. An automatic picture analyzer (Olympus Cue2, Tokyo, Japan) was used to assess changes in the histological structure of the tissue under the suction electrode. The ratio of the entire area of the preparation: cardiac muscle fibre area was measured and expressed as a percentage of this ratio, which was determined in control tissue (without suction).

Sarcolemmal Na+/K+-ATPase activity and density of [3H]ouabain binding sites: Sarcolemmal Na+/K+-ATPase activity and density of [3H]ouabain binding sites were measured in sarcolemmal microsomes isolated from the base, middle and apex of frog ventricle according to standardized procedures . Na+/K+-ATPase activity/mg of protein was determined according to the amount of inorganic phosphate released from hydrolyzed ATP/h . It’s time to pay less money – just get Generic Tavist at the best online pharmacy.

Statistical analyses: Results are presented as means ± SEM. Student’s t test was used to estimate the statistical significance of differences at P<0.05, P<0.02, P<0.01 and P<0.001.



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