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Every asthma treatment plan nowadays includes medicines of 2 kinds: preventive medicines and fast-acting remedies that are usually used to relieve asthma symptoms quickly. Ventolin belongs to the second group of remedies. This drug can be used both as a part of preventive medicine and to cut shot an acute exacerbation. There are various formations of the drug to be taken: tablets, syrup and metered aerosol. Every individual case of treatment requires taking a particular formation of the drug. Those who got used to take pills find it easier to use Ventolin tablets, others prefer to buy Ventolin inhalers to relieve sudden asthma attacks. Indeed, all of the formations contain the same fast-acting component – Salbutamol sulfate, a bronchodilator that prevents and stops bronchospasms. Ventolin (Salbutamol sulfate) can be used before physical activity to prevent asthma of physical effort.
The comfort of use is not the only reason for asthmatics to buy ventolin inhalers. The matter is that this devise can deliver the drug contained into inhaler faster than tablets or syrup. A patient should only make a deep and quite prolonged inhale and the remedy will start working in 5 minutes. Sometimes, when a person experiences severe asthma attack, he or she has only few minutes to relieve the asthmatic fit and begin to breathe. In this case the speed of acting plays essential role.
They produce and offer to buy Ventolin inhalers in the form of metered aerosol. It is very important to understand the difference between this type of device and dry-powder inhalers that contain powder instead of liquid remedy. This feature implies different way of use and, as the result, different patients’ responses. A number of them prefer to use dry-powder inhalers due to possibility to control the dose of the drug they inhale. Others, vice versa, prefer to forget about the dose and use metered aerosols. Remember, only your doctor can give you a piece of advice on the subject of choosing this or that type of device and if you find it uncomfortable to use metered aerosol, inform your doctor about it.
Those specialists who advise to buy Ventolin inhalers note that this remedy has the highest selectivity rate in respect of β2-adrenoreceptors among short-term adrenoagonists. That is why Ventoline inhalers are chosen amid those asthmatics that suffer from coexistent heart disease and hypertension, including those who take β-blockers.
Ventolin is contra-indicated if a patient is allergic to Salbutamol or other components of the medicine. Do not buy Ventolin inhalers with the aim to substitute corticosteroids. Follow your doctor’s advice and do not overdose. When you notice the necessity to use Salbutamol unusually often, consult the doctor as it may be a sign of anabasis. Pregnant and breast-feeding women should take the drug carefully. Before using the remedy, read the directions for using and store the drug as required.

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