Influence of the phospholipid n-6:n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio on the oxidative phosphorylation of isolated cardiac mitochondria (part 6). RESULTS

Phospholipid fatty acid profile: The mitochondrial lipids were extracted according to the method of Folch et al and the phospholipids were purified using a Sep-pack cartridge. The fatty acids were transmethylated with BF3/metha-nol and their methyl esters were analyzed by gas chromatography on a Carbowax 20 MA column. Statistical analysis: The data are presented as mean SEM. The respiration measurements were submitted to a two-way ANOVA with two fixed factors (dietary oil and free calcium), describing three effects: the oil effect (O ef), the free calcium effect (Ca2+ ef) and the cross-interaction (CI) ofthese two factors. The evolution of high energy phosphates in the incubation medium was submitted to a three-way ANOVA (dietary oil, free calcium and time as fixed factors). The O ef, the Ca2+ ef, the time effect (T ef), and the different CIs were considered. When the comparison of means was necessary, a Newman-Keuls test was used. Visit the best pharmacy that thousands of international customers already chose to be their favorite one and see how easy it can be for you to get that in the amount required for your treatment spending a lot less money than otherwise.

The influence of diet on the fatty acid composition of mitochondrial phospholipids is presented in Table 2. Substituting sunflower seed oil with fish oil in the diet did not significantly modify the proportion of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Conversely, the nature of PUFA was noticeably altered. The majority of n-6 PUFA was decreased (20:4 n-6, 22:4 n-6 and 22:5 n-6) whereas the n-3 PUFA were increased (20:5 n-3, 22:5 n-3 and 22:6 n-3). This contributed to a reduction of the n-6:n-3 PUFAratio, which averaged 32.0 2.71 in the SSO group and only 1.7 0.03 in the FO group.

TABLE 2 Influence of the diets on the phospholipid fatty acid profile of isolated cardiac mitochondria

Fatty acid SSO group FO group ANOVA
16:0 9.3±0.36 11.0±0.56
18:0 22.2±1.12 21.0±0.52
SFA 31.6±0.96 32.0±0.07
16:1 1.2±0.12 1.9±0.12 P<0.05
18:1 7.5±0.45 8.0±0.32
MUFA 8.7±0.57 9.9±0.20
18:2 n-6 25.1 ±1.00 24.3±0.05
20:4 n-6 22.7±0.34 11.8±0.37 P<0.001
20:4 n-6 2.1±0.20 ND NC
22:5 n-6 7.1 ±1.26 ND NC
PUFA n-6 57.3±0.40 36.5±0.34 P<0.001
20:5 n-3 ND 2.0±0.42 NC
22:5 n-3 ND 2.2±0.11 NC
22:6 n-3 1.8±0.14 17.4±0.11 P<0.001
PUFA n-3 1.8±0.14 21.7±0.21 P<0.001
Total PUFA 59.1±0.38 58.1 ±0.14
n-6:n-3 32.0±2.71 1.7±0.03 P<0.001

Results are presented as mean

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