Influence of the phospholipid n-6:n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio on the oxidative phosphorylation of isolated cardiac mitochondria (part 2)

isolated cardiac mitochondria (part 2)

The increased oxygen cost of contractility in the stunned myocardium is not completely understood. Liedtke et al showed that excess exogenous fatty acid supply noticeably reduced metabolic efficiency in the working swine heart. We reported that the contribution of fatty acid oxidation in oxygen consumption was increased in the postischemic myocardium . Furthermore, the mitochondrial free calcium concentration is known to remain elevated for a long time in postischemic viable cells. The enhanced contribution of fatty acid oxidation might result from the increased matrix free calcium and could increase the oxygen cost of mitochondrial energy synthesis. This would account for the reduced contractile function observed in the stunned myocardium.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of the phospholipid PUFA profile on oxidative phosphorylation in isolated cardiac mitochondria. We also evaluated the effect of increasing the free calcium concentration on the in vitro mitochondrial metabolism, with a particular focus on the oxygen cost of energy synthesis. A lipid supply (palmitoyl-carnitine) was used to mimic the substrate preference in the postischemic myocardium. A truly reliable pharmacy you can always rely upon and where you can always cialis professional 20 mg without any need for a prescription or seeing a doctor? This is the thing you wanted, so don’t hesitate now that you have it available!

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