Endothelium-derived nitric oxide is not altered in vivo in fructose-hypertensive rats (part 4)

Drugs were administered via the cannulated vein, and the sequence of administration was as follows: ACh 0.1 mg/kg body weight, ACh 0.5 mg/kg, noradrenaline 0.2 mg/kg, noradrenaline 2 mg/kg, L-NAME 7 mg/kg (10 to 15 mins given for response to stabilize before next injection), ACh 0.1 mg/kg, ACh 0.5 mg/kg, L-arginine 100 mg/kg, noradrenaline 0.2 mg/kg and noradrenaline 2 mg/kg. Results are expressed as absolute change in mean arterial pressure ± SEM. To quantify further nitric oxide-mediated responses, duration of Ach-induced hypotensive responses were also measured.
Drugs: All drugs administered in this study (ACh, noradrenaline, L-arginine and L-NAME) were obtained from Sigma (St Louis, Missouri, USA). The fructose diet was obtained from Harlan Teklad Laboratories (Madison, Wisconsin, USA). Statistical analyses: All data are presented as means ± SE, and data collected from change in blood pressure response to noradrenaline were analyzed by ANOVA. A probability of P<0.05 indicates a significant difference between means.

General characteristics: It has been previously shown and was confirmed in this study that fructose-hypertensive rats exhibit hyperinsulinemia and hypertension compared with controls (plasmainsulin5.9±0.4 ng/mL versus 3.6±0.4 ng/mL, P<0.05; systolic blood pressure 154±5 mmHg versus 127±7 mmHg, P<0.05) . No differences were observed in food intake, fluid intake or body weight between the fructose-hypertensive and control groups (body weight 538±15 g versus 540±16 g; food intake 34±1 g/day versus 29±1 g/day; fluid intake 67±5 mL/day versus 70±5 mL/day). Furthermore, fructose-hypertensive rats are markedly insulin resistant when assessed with the euglycemic hyperinsuline-mic clamp. If your health is of the utmost importance to you, it’s a good idea to visit the best my canadian pharmacy offering highest quality medications with generous discounts and fast delivery right to the doorstep, with full guarantees of your satisfaction.


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