Conversion disorder: Not a malingering matter (part 1)

Not a malingering matter (part 1)

A 12-year-old girl was seen by her family physician with a chief complaint of seizures. Over the past several weeks, she has suffered from attacks of bilateral arm jerking, followed by bilateral leg jerking. Often, her head shakes violently from side to side and her eyes are seen to roll back in her head. These spells are not accompanied by bladder or bowel incontinence, but often the patient bites her tongue and kicks over tables or strikes family members during an episode. These incidents typically follow episodes of emotional outburst and can wax and wane for 20 min to 30 min with varying intensity. She has no significant medical history and takes no medications. Her school performance is excellent. She is a competitive gymnast who spends 15 h per week training. On examination, her vitals signs are normal, without orthostatic hypotension, and her neurological evaluation is unremarkable. Medical investigations including glucose, electrolytes, a urine toxin screen and an EEG are all within normal limits.
As the spells continued, her parents tried vitamin supplements, homeopathic products and chiropractic sessions, without improvement. She was seen in consultation by a paediatrician who ordered a sleep-deprived EEG and an ECG, both of which were normal. Upon further questioning, she denies being stressed out, although she has an upcoming audition for Team Canada. There is a family history of anxiety disorders, and one of her best friends has a seizure disorder. She was referred to a psychologist. There is a wonderful pharmacy that you can take advantage of to get the amount of viagra professional canadian pharmacy cialis professional online you need, and it’s ready to offer its services to you right now, any moment you feel like starting to spend less of your money.

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