Spotlight on middle childhood: Rejuvenating the ‘forgotten years’ (part 6)

Middle childhood: Where to begin?
The implications of neural plasticity, as they relate to moulding human development are far-reaching. They prove that the developmental process is initiated by genetics, but shaped by experience, making middle childhood a prime period to impact future change in a child’s life. The investments made during this period can yield favourable outcomes in the areas of future health, intelligence, social and emotional well-being. It is a self-perpetuating cycle, with each new experience modifying neural architecture, leading to the acquisition of new skills and abilities, that in turn, open doors to further opportunities. The key is to initiate the cycle by providing environments, structures and experiences that begin, and continue, to stimulate children’s minds and bodies to build a strong base for the remainder of their lives. Paediatricians can encourage families to begin this cycle with the following keys:
1. GET THEM MOVING: With even a small amount of aerobic activity, children can improve their IQ, as well as their psychological and physical health. Governments and school boards must recognize the significance of physical literacy, and families can start by taking small steps toward overcoming a sedentary lifestyle.
2. STRETCH THEIR MINDS: Get children engaged in learning. With access to recreation, leisure, arts and cultural activities, children will develop competencies, interests, social skills, and positive peer relationships that improve their overall well-being and practical abilities.
3. EMPOWER THEM WITH SELF-CONFIDENCE: Children have a natural determination to excel and be socially involved. By encouraging them to participate in programs and activities that promote positive peer interactions and proficiencies, children will gain a sense of accomplishment and thus, self-confidence.

Although families are the most direct source of influence in a child’s development, communities and governments also play a pivotal role because they determine many of the resources and infrastructures available to the public. Hence, close collaboration of parents, teachers and physicians is essential for giving children a sense of competency in the world, and within themselves, while laying the foundation for the developmental work in the years ahead. With such considerable potential for advancement, middle childhood is the optimal time to foster talents and interests. Ultimately, it is a time well worth investing in for all involved in a child’s life. If you are looking for best deals on medications you need and would like to purchase ampicillin antibiotic right now, you have got to visit the best pharmacy on the internet offering the full range of services.

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