Spotlight on middle childhood: Rejuvenating the ‘forgotten years’ (part 1)

Rejuvenating the 'forgotten years' (part 1)

That are you doing?” nine-year-old Emma asked me with W wide-eyed curiosity for the second time in 10 min as I sat writing notes on the paediatric ward. Have you ever noticed how inquisitive school-age children are? The intricacies of their social interactions, the passion in their voice when they share a story, and the speed at which they learn and adapt is quite impressive. There are many changes that occur as they navigate the intricate path from preschooler to adolescent, changes that are integral to their overall development. The “First Five Years of Life” campaign has made us all aware of the impact that early childhood has on a child’s future, yet it is equally essential to recognize that ages six to 12, often known as the middle childhood ‘forgotten’ years, are also a critical period that carries long-lasting influence. During this time, children’s brains are adapting rapidly. While they are becoming physically stronger and more coordinated, they are also becoming cognitively more abstract in their thought processes, and more aware of their own feelings and the world around them. It is a time rich in potential that is just waiting to be cultivated. You will always be glad to know there is a perfect pharmacy waiting for you whenever you need and would like to make sure you are taken best care of as a customer and patient.

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