Normal parathyroid function with decreased bone mineral density: RESULTS Part 1

vitamin DClinical state: Mean patient age was 50.6±13.4 years. The four men (40±2 years) were younger than the women (54±12 years). The mean duration of celiac disease since diagnosis was 5.7±3.7 years and was similar in men (mean 4.8±2.2 years; range 1.1 to 8.1 years) and women (mean 5.8±3.9 years; range 1.1 to 15.9 years). All patients stated that they were compliant with their gluten-free diet. Their dietary response was assessed over time by repeat biopsy in the four men and eight of the women, with all of them, except one woman, having a normal or greatly improved histological picture. All 17 patients said they were clinically improved because of their diet, although reduced bowel movements, decreased abdominal cramps and weight gain were seen, usually only in the most severe cases. The direct role of gluten-free diet on specific biochemical defects was more difficult to appreciate because of simultaneous treatments with iron, folate, vitamin D and calcium. Nine women were postmenopausal, five were on hormone replacement therapy, and all were consuming calcium and vitamin D supplements. Two had been taking steroids intermittently, either orally or topically, for associated vasculitis and psoriasis. As a group, the patients were older than the controls and were mostly females, but the normal control subjects, who were chosen for parathyroid function, were perfectly matched to the patients for age and sex. There is a wonderful pharmacy offering , and you can shop with it.


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