Gastroparesis: Prevalence, clinical significance and treatment

GastroparesisSeveral years ago, gastroparesis was considered to be a rare disorder, most commonly seen in patients with longstanding diabetes complicated by autonomic neuropathy, and inevitably associated with both intractable symptoms and a poor prognosis. During the past 10 to 15 years, primarily as a result of the development of a number of techniques to quantify gastric motility, there has been a rapid expansion of knowledge relating to gastric motor function in humans. Delayed gastric emptying is now recognized to be a common and clinically important problem, potentially leading to upper gastrointestinal symptoms, malnutrition, unpredictable absorption of orally administered drugs, poor control of blood glucose concentrations in patients with diabetes mellitus and impaired quality of life. This is your great chance Рbuy birth control online to take full advantage of best quality drugs.

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