Recommendations from the National Varicella Consensus Conference: PROMOTION OF VARICELLA VACCINATION PROGRAMS

Recommendation 4.1: Information regarding varicella (in­cluding the burden of illness and complications; health care costs; vaccine efficacy and safety; the NACI recommendations for vaccine use; and the National Consensus Conference rec­ommendations) should be presented at the upcoming meeting of the Deputy Ministers of Health, and this information should be made available for presentation to other key policy makers. Recommendation 4.2: The Canadian Immunization Aware­ness Program should make available to provincial/territorial authorities and other jurisdictions responsible for vaccination programs information packages, for distribution to health care providers (public health, non-public health, pharmacists) at the appropriate time. The packages should include the NACI statement on varicella; the Varicella Consensus Conference recommendations; a Q&A format indicating incidence and complications of varicella disease and the benefits and risks of vaccine; information available on Health Canada’s web site; a bibliography; and other web site links. Recommendation 4.3: The Canadian Infectious Disease Soci­ety, the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Nurses Association, the Canadian Paediatric Society, the Canadian Public Health Association, and other professional associations should raise the profile of varicella disease/vaccine through the inclusion of 1. articles in their professional publications and 2. presentations at professional meetings (continuing education units/continuing medical education credits). Recommendation 4.4: The Canadian Paediatric Society should take a lead role in coordinating the promotion of varicella vacci­nation by 1. providing a speaker list regarding varicella immu­nization, for continuing education events and media interviews; 2. developing an educational package (slides, hand-outs) for use in presentations at the local level; and 3. in­corporating information on varicella vaccine in Your Child’s Best Shot: A Parent’s Guide to Vaccination and other educa­tional materials.

Recommendation 4.5: The promotion of varicella vaccination to the general public should be done at the provincial/territo­rial and local level, by providing information regarding the disease, the vaccine and the local program through the use of 1. media, including press conferences and public service an­nouncements; 2. partnerships with non-governmental organi­zations, service clubs and the private sector; and 3. advocacy by individuals affected by the disease. Recommendation 4.6: Health Canada and provincial/territo­rial public health authorities should monitor and exchange in­formation on varicella vaccine that is disseminated by persons and organizations opposed to immunization, together with accurate, referenced material regarding the issues raised. Recommendation 4.7: Health Canada should monitor vari­cella vaccine acceptance by including relevant questions in surveys such as the National Population Health Survey and repeating the 1999 survey on the use of varicella vaccine in Canada in one to two years. You will always enjoy getting cialis professional, being 100% sure you are safe

Recommendation 4.8: Provincial/territorial authorities or Health Canada should provide a 1-800 telephone number to en­sure standardization of information and registry of information.


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