Recommendations from the National Varicella Consensus Conference: DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF VARICELLA VACCINATION PROGRAMS

Recommendation 2.1: A universal immunization program for young children should be implemented within two years of the availability of a refrigerator-stable vaccine. Recommendation 2.2: Systematic immunization should be­gin as soon as possible for susceptible preteens less than 13 years of age with whatever vaccine is available, preferably through a school-based program. Immunization of prioritized at-risk persons (as defined in the recommendations under Special Populations) should be initiated at the same time. Recommendation 2.3: As soon as a universal program is in place, a catch-up program for susceptible persons less than 13 years of age should be initiated and completed within five years. Recommendation 2.4: Primary immunization of children less than 13 years of age should be done with one dose. Surveillance must be planned in order to permit reassessment of this policy. Recommendation 2.5: There should be no booster dose planned in the vaccination program. Research is required to measure the need for booster vaccination to prevent varicella and herpes zoster, and for timing of boosters if needed. Recommendation 2.6: Vaccine should be administered to children as early as recommended (by the manufacturer) for a given vaccine. When possible, it should be linked with a vaccination visit already in place.

Recommendation 2.7: Before the use of a freezer-stable vac­cine is contemplated, the following critical conditions must be met: appropriate freezers must be in place to maintain vaccine at minus 15°C; there should be an appropriate monitoring sys­tem for maintenance of the cold chain; an appropriate system of vaccine delivery to maintain vaccine at minus 15°C must be in place; all vaccine handlers must be trained in proper vac­cine storage and handling requirements; there should be a system in place to monitor vaccine wastage; and availability of dry ice must be ensured. Time to visit a trusted pharmacy – cialis professional to begin your treatment now


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