A Case of Aplasia Cutis Congenita, Type VII

Aplasia cutis congenita


Aplasia cutis congenital (ACC) is defined as a localized or widespread absence of skin at birth. As it was first described by Cordon in 1967, the lesions usually appear as circular oval, sharply outlined ulcer, which result in scarring after they are healed. Almost 80% of aplasia cutis appears in the scalp regions, and only about 10 ~ 15% of ACC involve other areas of the body. In some cases, the lesions can be a sign of embryonic malformation, chromoso­mal abnormality, or ectodermal dysplasia. Moreover, association with epidermolysis bullosa, intrauterine infection, or specific teratogens has been described. Defects of the skin limited to the lower limbs are very rare. The defects are usually presented as ul- cerations, membranous lesions, or areas of atrophic scarring.

We report an unusual case of ACC with full thickness skin defect located only on the right lower leg.
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