A Case of Sweeps Syndrome with Rjlmonary Manifestation

Pulmonary manifestation


Sweet syndrome, also termed acute febrile neut­rophilic dermatosis, is a reactive process character­ized by the abrupt onset of tender, red-to-purple erythematous plaques or nodules which usually occur on the extremities, head, or neck. The disease is typically accompanied by fever and peripheral neurophilia. Initially described in 1964 by Robert Sweet, the entity currently recognized as Sweet syndrome ranges from classic Sweet disease occ­urring in middle aged women after mild respiratory illness to a more aggressive neutrophilic process that may be associated with malignancy or drug intakes.

Extracutaneous manifestations of Sweet syndro­me have the potential to involve other organ systems. Pulmonary manifestations are rare and may be experienced as a chronic cough, dyspnea, nleurisy or pulmonary infiltration upon chest X-ray.
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We, herein, report a 46-year-old woman with Sweet syndrome who showed pulmonary infiltra­tion and pleural effusion upon chest X-ray.


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