Teaming Up to Improve Patient Safety: RESULTS TO DATE

Medication Safety Committee

The pilot trial of medication safety huddles on our AMU has yielded promising results. Examples of medication issues identified and interventions implemented during this short period are summarized. Several unit and hospital-wide initiatives have been generated from discussions arising during medication safety huddles. For example, nurses’ concerns about inconsistent insulin orders (e.g., sliding-scale insulin prescribed without specification of frequency or without consideration of continuous or enteral feeding) have prompted development of a preprinted order form for sliding-scale insulin on our unit. Many ideas to minimize medication error have been conveyed from our unit to the hospital’s Medication Safety Committee to be considered for hospital-wide implementation, including simple changes to the medication administration record (e.g., shading of alternate lines) and proposals pertaining to safe storage of patients’ personal medications from home (e.g., narcotics). canadian antibiotics

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