Teaming Up to Improve Patient Safety: FUTURE DIRECTIONS

Medication safety huddles are now a fixture on the AMU. Because of supportive staff response and the significant medication safety information that has been generated, these medication safety huddles merit continuation, especially given the minimal investment of time and resources. In fact, medication safety huddles will soon be introduced on 8 other patient care units at our hospital. A multidisciplinary steering committee will be charged with storing the data collected to allow sharing of information, to improve consistency, and to reduce duplication of effort in developing new interventions. These safety briefings form one element of a broader safety initiative launched by our health authority in response to expressed interest in identifying and targeting global inefficiencies related to medication safety. Medication safety huddles are currently being introduced to other hospitals within the Vancouver Coastal Health authority.


Our experience in implementing medication safety huddles on our AMU has been positive. We encourage other multidisciplinary teams to explore this relatively easy and efficient means to promote a culture of safety and to augment collaboration between pharmacy and nursing staff. It is yet another opportunity for pharmacists to exhibit leadership in enhancing patient safety in the hospital setting. eriacta 100 mg

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