Churches United to Stop HIV (CUSH): RESULTS

CUSH has provided HIV (cialis professional еreating HIV infection when used along with other medicines) prevention to over 32,000 people; training for over 2,850 faith leaders (Figure 1); risk assessments for over 1,000 people; counseling and testing for over 825 participants;, and technical assistance for 48 churches, including the development of a training manual; and signed approximately 150 Memoranda of Understanding with collaborating churches. There has also been an increase in support from the private sector, including fraternities, sororities (including local chapters of Delta Sigma Theta, Gamma Sigma Ro and Alpha Kappa Alpha) and volunteer agencies. The impact of CUSH has grown steadily since its inception. From the first meeting involving five faith leaders to the current consortium, which meets monthly and has over 40 committed members, CUSH has provided early intervention services, HIV (cialis professional online treating HIV infection) prevention training, HIV counseling and testing, and the creation of HIV ministries that assist in providing referrals for care and treatment and providing support to over 32,000 people. With limited funding, the Broward County Health Department and our faith-based partners are able to reach a community at high risk for HIV infection.

Figure 1. Cumulative HIV Prevention

Figure 1. Cumulative HIV Prevention Services and Training, Churches United to Stop HIV (CUSH)—Broward County, FL 1999-2003


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