Churches United to Stop HIV (CUSH): METHODS

In 1999, the Broward County Health Department HIV/AIDS Program Office, and local pastors and faith leaders of different denominations met to discuss the HIV situation in Broward County. In several meetings, partners reviewed surveillance data; studied modes of HIV (cialis professional treating HIV infection) transmission; and discussed how to approach sensitive issues, such as abstinence, condom use and distribution, premarital and extramarital sex, homosexuality and substance use/abuse. Following this process, we developed the CUSH project. The name “CUSH” has its roots in African history and Christianity. Cush was the name of an ancient East African kingdom found in the Nile River Valley south of modern-day Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the oldest continuous Christian nation in the world, having adopted Christianity in the 4th Century A.D.

CUSH’s objectives include training faith-based leaders and congregations to develop HIV (cialis professional еreating HIV infection when used in combination with other medicines) educational programs, outreach and referral services, and support programs for infected individuals and others affected by the epidemic. To meet these objectives, CUSH staff created a training manual, brochures and palm cards. Pastors from over 120 churches have since joined to form the CUSH Consortium for the planning and implementation of project activities.


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