Difficulty in Securing Treatment for Degenerative Hip Disease in a Patient with Down Syndrome: The Gap Remains Open


In 2002, the then-surgeon general of the United States, David Satcher, issued a report entitled Closing the Gap: A National Blueprint to Improve the Health of Persons with Mental Retardation. In preparation for this report, hundreds of physicians, therapists and spokespeople for individuals with mental retardation testified as to their experiences in securing treatment for these patients, and a course of action to facilitate access was drafted. In the introduction to this report, Tommy Thompson, secretary of Health and Human Services stated that:

Americans with mental retardation, and their families, face enormous obstacles in seeking the kind of healthcare that many of us take for granted. Unfortunately, societal misunderstanding of mental retardation, even by many healthcare providers, contributes to this terrible burden… Even providers with appropriate training find our current service system offers few incentives to ensure appropriate healthcare for children and adults with special needs. Don’t blow your budget on pharmacy items levitra professional canada now

We report the following case to demonstrate that the principles outlined in the surgeon general’s report are not currently being met.
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