Clinicopathologic, Ophthalmic, Visual Profiles and Management of Mucoceles in Blacks. PATIENTS AND METHODS

This was a five-year retrospective review of cases of mucoceles of the paranasal air sinuses seen at the ENT department and referred to the eye clinic, both of the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria, between January 1998 and December 2003.

The case files of patients with mucoceles of the paranasal sinuses were retrieved from the medical records, while some were traced from outpatient registers, operation registers and inpatient records. Cases selected for the study were those with detailed clinical, radiological, surgical and laboratory profiles that confirmed the diagnoses. Details of ophthalmic assessment included measurement of visual acuity using the Snell en’s standard and the illiterate E chart before and after surgery. Also, the degree of proptosis was measured using the Hertel exophthalmometer and the direction of displacement of eyeball was noted. Other clinical notes, plain x-rays, operation notes, laboratory results, and postoperative and follow-up records were also scrutinized. The x-rays of selected cases demonstrated the expansible nature, osteolytic and sclerotic changes or the presence of soft-tissue opacity with airless cavity. If there was suppuration, there was peripheral rim enhancement on contrast study. Get smart and save money! Buy imitrex medication online

Data compiled for each patient included age; sex; occupation; sinus(es) involved; radiological findings; ophthalmic features, including visual profile pre- and postoperatively; and operative findings. Data was entered into a sheet specifically designed for the study. Can’t afford your medication? Buy cheap skelaxin

Results were analyzed and tabulated using frequency distribution and simple descriptive format.

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