Fibromyalgia patients do not respond uniformly to external factors. It is generally accepted that cold weather, humid weather or a rapid change in temperature can bring on an exacerbation of fibromyalgia. Lifestyle patterns involving sleep, exercising past the point of exhaustion, anxiety, remaining inactive for long periods of time, missing sleep or meals, and allowing oneself to become severely phys ically or mentally fatigued can cause a flare-up in the syndrome. Other triggers include surgery, medical illness, hypothyroidism, even the activation/infection of HIV or Lyme disease can trigger fibromyalgia. This is not a universal response and in different populations different responses to these stimulii can be found. Imitrex migraine

The protective factors are considered to be staying on a strict schedule, living in warm or dry weather and maintaining a moderate activity schedule.

Physicians caring for fibromyalgia patients should notice a distinct personality type. Symptoms of anxiety and depression almost always accompany fibromyalgia. This does not make fibromyalgia a psychogenic disorder. Many of the symptoms are part of any syndrome where a person has chronic pain. Cognitive factors and a persons expectations of how they should feel, and what they can expect from the healthcare world are very clear to the patient. When those expectations are not met by their bodies, and from the healthcare world there is disappointment, worry and a sense of having been failed by either their bodies or the medical profession. There is a tendency to discontinue coping strategies quickly and a subsequent anticipation of failure. It is common to hear from a new fibromyalgia patient that they are coming to a physician for help, but they know that you won’t be able to do anything to help them. Celecoxib 200 mg online

Clustering of fibromyalgia has been noted, which has led to a search for genetic factors in this syndrome. While clustering does not confirm a genetic role in fibromyalgia, and environmental factors may be the reason for such findings, it has been noted that twenty six percent of first degree relatives of people with fibromyalgia also have fibromyalgia. The search for a HLA association are ongoing with both positive and negative reports found in the literature. buy Strattera 25 mg

Physicians do not have successful treatments for fibromyalgia, which has made this a very attractive area for alternative medicine providers who often claim to have successful treatments. Patients with fibromyalgia are more likely than the general population to seek out alternative medicine, with up to ninety one percent of these patients seeing alternative providers. Several therapies have become standard fare for the fibromyalgia patient seeking alternative care. The Internet has become a major source of information with over 100,000 sites showing up on an alta vista search. The following are some of the more common treatments that fibromyalgia patients use. omnicef antibiotics online

Elimination Diet-In order to identify and avoid “irritant” foods for which people may have a “subclinical” allergy, a rotation of foods with close attention to effects may be attempted. Specific foods are introduced into the diet at the rate of one per five days. An “oligo-antigenic” diet is another method of food therapy, whereby modern processed foods are removed from the diet and replaced with the paleolithic equivalents.

Guaifenasin-This Internet based hypothesis posits that fibromyalgia is a “retention disease similar to gout, but with phosphate that has accumulated in the tissue. Since phosphate is a normal cation in the body there is no inflammation of the tissue. Guaifenasin and water taken in large doses is the treatment espoused here. A double blind placebo controlled study showed no benefit of this treatment at all. canadian pharmacy Levaquin

Magnetic Therapy-A multi-level-marketing business that strives to convince people with fibromyalgia that they can “feel” electromagnetic fields. It is this electromagnetic sensitivity that throws people off balance and maintains the constant level of discomfort. The shiny magnets sold are usually no stronger or different than the ones we keep on our refrigerators, but as medical treatments, even without any monitoring of the effect that these magnets have on people, can cost hundreds of dollars.

Acupuncture-Oriental medical practitioners, who perform acupuncture, moxibustion and combine treatments with therapy to balance the body humors do well in treating this condition. In one study relief lasted for twenty months after acupuncture in 46% of patients, and sixty nine percent said that they were able to significantly reduce the medications they were taking while receiving acupuncture. However oriental medical providers consider acupuncture an adjunctive therapy and not as a curative or definitive treatment. Acupuncture may be effective because it has been noted to cause an increase in seratonin levels in the serum. Buy Metaxalone 400 mg

Ayurvedic Medicine-Indian health care philosophy based on a balance of physical and spiritual factors. Lifestyle changes are a key part of this treatment as well as gaining a mastery over ones environment by turning inward. Besides the harmonic balancing of elements (earth, air, fire, water, and ether), other expressions of this philosophy include purging, enemas and therapeutic vomiting.

Polarity Therapy-Works to balance the energy forces in the body to the environment surrounding it. Polarity workers redirect energy with crystals, touch or other modalities felt to have energy flow. cheap canadian Soma

Zone Therapy (reflexology/iridology/auri-culotherapy)-Areas of the feet, hands, eyes, or ears are felt to have corresponding areas to the organs and body. Through manipulation of these zones healing is felt to occur in the corresponding body areas. Massage and pressure point treatment of these areas is done.

Pet Therapy-Give people a need outside of themselves. Pets do not listen to excuses and force people to be more scheduled and regimented. They also give love and caring to people who may have been abandoned by other friends and may not have adequate social support. buy generic Tramadol

Herbal Therapy-Too many herbs claim benefit in fibromyalgia to review in this article.

SAM-e is currently in vogue. Treatments have included pycnogenol, teatree oil, valerian root, none juice and multiple other treatments. Explanations vary, studies on specific herbs are rare and the change in herbal treatment makes it difficult to complete studies before new mixtures are developed.

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